Screenshots 6

Here are some screenshots of the Command Center software.

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6 thoughts on “Screenshots

  • Bart

    Is it also possible to add your own logo in your score board? Also your demo but all units on Solo, is it important to set this to solo on the Phoenix units to work with the others even in team modes?

    • Riley McArdle Post author

      Yes, the score board is based on an HTML template that you can modify. When joining a hosted game, the setting of the power switch on the Phoenix taggers tells the host which team you would prefer to join. If there is room on that team, the host will assign you to it. Setting the switch to solo just tells the host that you don’t have a preference and you will be assigned to the team with the least number of players.

  • Scott Johnson

    Is there an API or a command line interface so I can write my own UI and automation using other languages like nodejs or php?.