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8 thoughts on “Video of hosting 16 taggers

  • Get_in_motion

    lazerswarm Get_in_motion I know that other products in development have a kill/death ratio and yours has current stats with who killed who, who is in 1st place etc. A graph could show which team A, B, and C have the most points, per game and then maybe a total score.

    Scott93 on your comments said “The games run for 35 minutes so we get in 3-4 on a given day.” This could show that out of 3 games Team B won, and then bar or pie chart showing the overall percentage of the 2 hours played. 

    If in a convention setting, using a 4×24 or 6vs18 idea, a graph might better represent simple data which equals more time playing and less looking at columns of numbers which might become a burden on some personality types that are more visual.