Lazer Swarm Command Center

Lazer Swarm Command Center


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The Lazer Swarm Command Center is a device that allows hosting Lazer Tag Team Ops (LTTO) games from a Windows computer.

The Command Center connects to the computer over USB and uses six high powered IR emitters and two IR receivers. It is compatible with all five models of Lazer Tag Team Ops taggers (Deluxe, IRT-2X Drone, Tag Master Blaster, Phoenix LTX, and LTAR).

The Command Center supports nearly all of the game modes supported by the taggers including the hidden modes of the Drone and Tag Master Blaster taggers. You can create and save lists of player names and assign them to taggers that have joined. You can create and save rule presets with your preferred game settings (game length, number of reloads, number of tags, etc).

At the end of the game, a scoreboard is shown with the team ranks, player ranks and scores, and a grid of how many times each player tagged each other player. The scoreboard shows players names so it’s easy to see who tagged whom and how many times they tagged them. The scoreboard can be shown in a window or full screen on a second monitor.

One year warranty and support provided.

This product is built by hand in small batches. Assembly time and availability of parts may delay shipment by as long as a month. For an estimate of current lead time, please send us an e-mail.

System Requirements:

  • A computer running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • An available USB 2.0 port
  • Four AA batteries (included)
  • 2–24 Lazer Tag Team Ops taggers

Included in the Box:

  • Lazer Swarm Command Center
  • 6ft (1.82m) USB A to Micro USB B cable
  • Four AA batteries

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169 thoughts on “Home

  • Emiel

    Great to read this development! I have been looking out for a device like this since I heard about people developing it some years ago. Up to now there were only small batches which were hard to get. I would definitely preorder a couple of these devices. The only question is: Are you willing to ship to the Netherlands? I think if you would be willing to ship outside the US your market would increase significally.
    WKR Emiel.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    Emiel I think I’ll be able to ship internationally but I’ll have to do some research. It will probably be expensive but if people are willing to pay extra then I don’t mind.

  • Emiel

    lazerswarm Emiel That would be great! I can handle the extra cost. I think for you it would require to fill out an extra form for customs(with a description of the product and the value), everything else has to be handeld by me (dutch)VAT. Since the lazertag equipment was never released in the Netherland I bought most of my equipment from the US, and up untill now it has always worked this way.
    Are you also planning on making a demostration video when you got your prototype working? That would be really appreciated!

  • scottf93

    Most interesting indeed. Our club in Virginia has been looking at creating a hosting device but why re-invent the wheel. I do have a few questions…

    1) Do you have an a ballpark idea as to what the hosting device will cost? Would be willing to pre-order depending on the expense.

    2) Will your hosting code include the ability to do non-standard game configurations? For example, I can manually host more than 24 players in a game or more than 8 on a team by simultaneously hosting two separate games with same number of teams and taggers in each game. The catch is that there will be no check in/scoring at the end. Great for objective based games with very large groups of people and also keep them from cheating.

    3) Similar to question #2, will there be an ability to assign different attributes to different guns in a game (i.e. – new players get more tags and/or slow tags, advanced players would get fewer tags/no shields, etc.). I have heard of other folks hosting projects being able to do this (I believe one was called the NOMAD) but I do not believe that checking in at the end of the game was possible

    #2 and #3 are NOT necessary things for us to want to pre-order and may be the sort of thing that one could implement later through the Windows software. Sounds exciting! 🙂


  • Riley McArdle Post author

    scottf93 1) The price will be $150. That includes shipping within the US, support, and a one year warranty. I’ll start taking pre-orders once the prototype boards are here and I verify they work.
    2) This isn’t currently possible in the software. The hardware would be able to do it though if the software was written. Based on how the protocol works, you could do a 48 player game with 24 pairs of two players. The scoring would show how many times each separate player got tagged, but you would only be able to see which pair they were tagged by. You wouldn’t know which of the two players the tag was from. This definitely sounds like it could be fun.
    3) Again, this isn’t currently possible with the software right now but it could be added. I don’t see any reason why checking in wouldn’t work with this.

  • kennethmather

    How quickly can you setup and host a game with ~10 guns? I have a lot of LTX guns, though with all the models before that I kept getting guns that dropped signal between games. 
    Is it possible you add features (like slow tags) to all the game types they’re normally not in?

  • kennethmather

    lazerswarm scottf93

    You can “sort of” mix game types but its complicated. Basically you have two games with the same number of players. (Two team 4 on 4 for example) and as long as they have different IDs they should interact.
    For instance
    * Create game 1
    Team 1 has P1 / P2 / P3 / P4, and P1 resets. Same with Team 2.
    * Create game 2
    Team 1 has P1. Then use a different gun to join Team1 3 times to give it the same # of players. Same with team two. 
    Both games have “8” players, and they’ll land hits. Scores are probably corrupted.
    It’d be difficult to program though. I’m not certain how your software works – but it may be possible if it can do the fake player setup on both teams and separate the joins.

    A couple game types it’d be useful for

    – Slow tags on one team. Either as a handicap or scenario. One game type could be two team, where one team has twice the tags, slow tags, and shields, but loses if any player on their team is tagged out
    – A variant of Own the Zone (2 Team respawn, 2 Team zone) where one player on each team is the zone scorer, and the normal respawns knock the other players out of the game for longer then 15 seconds (running all the way back)

  • scottf93

    An operational question… Can the computer be put to sleep in the middle of a game? We usually play for about 3 hours. The games run for 35 minutes so we get in 3-4 on a given day. Alas, the batteries on a laptop will not likely keep up for that long. Can we start the game, close the lid (sleep the laptop), come back when the taggers say “Game Over”, open the lid, and the computer will begin the checking? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    scottf93 I’ll do some testing and let you know how it works right now. If there are problems, I’ll put them on my list of things to work on.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    Get_in_motion Right now, it mainly functions as an interface to host games. In zone game types, it does act as a zone and has similar range to taggers used as zones (about a 5-15 foot radius depending on conditions). It is infrared, so it is line of sight. There isn’t currently a way to use more than one at a time.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    Get_in_motion Perhaps I misunderstood your question. The taggers don’t need to communicate with the game host during a game. They only communicate with it at the beginning of the game to get the rules and then at the end of the game to report the tags they received so that scores can be calculated. During the game though, the taggers can go completely out of range of the host without any problems.

  • Get_in_motion

    lazerswarm Get_in_motion  Yes, that was what I wanted to know.

    So related to a different question about sleep modes, would you then be able to turn it on, program the guns, turn it off, then turn it back on at the end to load the data?

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    Get_in_motion I haven’t tested that scenario yet, but I believe it should work. If it doesn’t, I’ll work on fixing it.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    Get_in_motion I just did some testing and putting the computer to sleep during the game does work, kind of. When the computer wakes back up, you have to go into the options dialog and just click OK to get it to reconnect to the hardware. I’ll fix this in the next version of the software.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    scottf93 I just did some testing and putting
    the computer to sleep during the game does work, kind of. When the
    computer wakes back up, you have to go into the options dialog and just
    click OK to get it to reconnect to the hardware. I’ll fix this in the next version of the software.

  • kennethmather

    lazerswarm kennethmather

    Cool! Do you have an ETA on it? I’d like to get slow tags in games more than anything else.

  • Riley McArdle Post author

    kennethmather lazerswarmSure, I’ll try to get it added in the next version which should be released soon.

  • raseltine

    Will it be or is it possible to do other types of data pulls other than HTML/CSS? Such as directly pulling info out of the data file? On the flip side will there be any ways to query another database, xml, api, etc, to get the player list + gun ID and auto-assign everything in your program?